Political rights

White paper tells how China protects civil and political rights


In a white paper released by the State Council’s Information Office on Thursday, China said it had taken “strong measures” from a legal and governance perspective to protect civil rights and policies in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, a goal which President Xi Jinping announced China had achieved in July.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese government pursue “a people-centered development philosophy,” according to the white paper titled “Moderate Prosperity in All Respects: Another Milestone Achieved in Human Rights in China.”

The term “moderately prosperous society”, or “xiaokang” in Chinese, reflects the country’s broader goals of modernization and poverty eradication.

The newspaper praised the government’s efforts to expand people’s democratic rights, personal rights, property rights as well as the judicial guarantee of human rights, among others.

Extension of democratic rights

China has made efforts to “diversify forms of democracy and establish more democratic channels,” the newspaper said, detailing examples of community autonomy, consultative democracy and guaranteeing people’s voting rights. , to stand for election, to express their opinions and to supervise the exercise of power.

Official data shows that in the elections for congresses at the county and cantonal levels in 2016, more than one billion voters voted for nearly 2.5 million deputies.

On the protection of personal rights, the white paper highlighted China’s efforts to respect and protect personal freedom, facilitate the movement of people, secure personal information and privacy by law, and protect the rights and legitimate interests of people. detainees and prisoners.

A court hearing in China. / CGTN

A court hearing in China. / CGTN

The country also attaches great importance to the protection of individual property rights and has improved it according to the fundamental principle of fairness, according to the newspaper. It provided a legal guarantee for the optimization of the business environment and strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, he added.

Judicial guarantee of human rights

In addition, the country has further pushed for judicial reform by implementing a “comprehensive reform of judicial accountability”.

The reform orients the distribution of functions and judicial powers, while improving the state of protection of judicial personnel in the exercise of their functions as well as preventing and correcting judicial errors, according to the white paper.

China has also strengthened the protection of lawyers’ rights to practice law, increased transparency in the administration of justice and improved the legal aid system, the newspaper said.

In addition, the country has taken concrete steps to protect freedom of religious belief, the white paper says.

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