Civil rights

“The fight to get civil rights charges filed is not over”

An hour later, Calloway and his supporters held a press conference at the Federal Building with McDonald’s grandmother and aunt, also demanding that Lausch file civil rights charges against McDonald.

TOWER. JESSE L. JACKSON, SR., Bishop Tavis Grant, national field director for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Father Michael L. Pfleger, Reverend Michael Eaddy, organizer Frank Chapman and others held a rally Thursday last, Feb. 3, 2022, at the Federal Dirksen Building, 219 S. Dearborn, calling on the U.S. Attorney to file civil rights charges against Jason Van Dyke who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times but served only three of a six-year sentence. Van Dyke was released around 12:15 a.m. Thursday morning. (Photos by Chinta Strausberg)

Calling themselves the ‘Laquan 9’, five women and four men were arrested after protesting Van Dyke’s early release, including former mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green Calloway and uncle Justin Blake. of Jacob Blake, shot seven times in the back. by a police officer from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Nataki Rhodes, Dave Power, Kina Collins, Cassandra Greer-Lee, Amber Leaks and Kate Readling were also among the nine people arrested.

They were charged with civil contempt for violating the Chief Justice’s order that governs protests at the Dirksen Federal Building.

Readling was also charged with recording the protest in the lobby of the building, which is against the law.

On Thursday, several federal marshals told both groups they could not take photos or record the protest.

The “Laquan Nine” were due to appear in court on Tuesday, February 8.