Submit a Loan Without History Checking? Check these 6 things!

Loans without history checking are tempting, the process is simple and the cash flow is fast. We do not have an emergency need when we need it. If you don’t have an emergency fund, the only thing we can do is apply for a loan.

These loans without history checking will be very helpful to those who need money when it is not possible to lend to the bank again. Currently, there are many lending institutions that provide unconditional lending products. In addition to the simple process, the disbursement of funds is fast. You can choose unsecured money loans and history checking , like online loans.

Dude, when you decide to apply for a loan without history checking, you’re probably already having trouble with your credit history, right? This means that your financial situation should be taken care of. Therefore, before you apply for a loan you need to consider these important things. Well, has a review for you. Let’s go!

Non-history Checking Loans You Need to Note

Non-BI Checking Loans You Need to Note

Many lending institutions today, make you more careful when choosing a lender. One thing to keep in mind before applying for an online loan is to check that the online or fintech lender is already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Well, before you look for a loan, take a look at some of the following suggestions!

1. Reasons to Lend Money

1. Reasons to Lend Money

Everyone must never be satisfied with what they have. Especially when it comes to money, you always feel less like the money you make. No wonder so many people are taking the alternative to borrow money. Dude, even if you really need the money, you can reconsider whether or not you really need the money

If your reason for borrowing money is just for your sake, you should give up your intention to lend money again. It’s even worse if you borrow money to cover your previous loan, you better avoid it !

2. Willingness to Pay Debt

Consider your willingness to pay off the debt. Don’t be overwhelmed by debt, until your monthly paycheck is paid off, your monthly needs are at stake.

Dude, make sure you pay a monthly installment of not more than 30 percent of your current income. It’ll be better if it’s less than that, since the debt that made your credit score bad. You want to borrow again. Friend, once history checking was checked by Bank , now the checking process is done by OJK (Financial Information Services System). OJK’s own SLIC will be developed to check one’s credit history on non- bank services as well.

3. Commitment to Pay Previous Debt

3. Commitment to Pay Previous Debt

Dude, you have to be really committed to paying down debt which is making your credit history ugly. If you apply for a loan to cover your previous debt, make sure you don’t use it for anything else. Whereas if you borrow for another emergency, you can consider whether it is an emergency or not.

4. Find Another Way Out Of Borrowing

Loans without history checking 2019 can be another option to cover previous debt or other emergency needs. But if you have other options, why borrow one again ? Sometimes you may have to pay back because you don’t want to sacrifice something, like you can still sell your assets or valuables. In addition to selling used items, you can do side-by-side work to earn extra money.

5. Choose the Least Low Loan history Checking Service

5. Choose the Least Low Loan BI Checking Service

If you really do need a loan again, the only way you can take it is to choose a lending service that offers the least interest. You can compare some loans online by looking for information. Consider the percentage of interest they apply. Then, consider the cost of the service, tenor, and payment system. The payment system is whether the service allows for installments or should be paid in full next month.

6. Take a Loan on Registered Services

As mentioned earlier, this point is one of the most important things to keep in mind! We recommend that you choose an offline or online money laundering agency that is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Never lend money to an unauthorized or unauthorized money lending institution. Because your data could be misused and even sold.

Fix Bad Credit Score

Fix Bad Credit Score

Even if your loan is successful and approved by the online loan flow, both offline and online without history checking. We recommend that you keep working on improving your credit score, dude! How do I fix it? Your Love Team knows the information below!

Lastly, of course you have to pay off all outstanding loans. If you’re having financial difficulties, try negotiating with your bank and explaining your current financial situation. If you don’t already have a bank loan, but your credit score has not improved, you can contact OJK to request a credit score improvement.

In order for your financial condition to remain healthy, it is best not to add a new loan if you still have arrears. Especially if you are desperate to take out a loan without knowing how to pay it off. You can make a debt repayment plan before applying for a loan.

Isn’t it easy? Dude, I hope the information provides can be helpful and helpful before you apply for a loan without history checking .