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Students accuse DU College of changing the Urdu name of the Theater Society

New Delhi: Students at Delhi University’s Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College have accused the college’s administration of forcibly changing the name of its theater society as it was in Urdu, a charge denied by authorities.

The students alleged that the theatrical society, which was called ‘Ilhaam’ (revelation), was renamed ‘Aarambh’, which translates to ‘the beginning’.

However, Principal RN Dubey dismissed the accusation and called it a “political vendetta” against him.

A member of the theater troupe said a few weeks ago that a college official informed them that the name “Ilhaam” was not acceptable to the management and that they should change it.

The student, who requested anonymity, alleged that the college had threatened to freeze theater society funds if members did not agree to change his name.

“Initially, the members of the company were against it, but we were told that we would be marked absent if the name was not changed. The students were scared and accepted,” he said.

However, the principal denied the allegation.

“I didn’t ask anyone to change the name of the company. There is a proper procedure for naming any company and it is completely independent. I think it’s kind of a political vendetta against me,” he told PTI on Tuesday by phone.

Echoing the sentiments of the students, an alumnus of the college, who was among the founding members of the theater society, said it was not the first time such an attempt to rebrand the society had been made.

“Some of my juniors told me that they had changed the name of the company, fearing that they would be marked absent and that the funds of the company would be frozen,” said Ali Faraz Rezvi, a graduate of the university this year.

“When I was a college student, similar threats were also made to us. I was at a meeting where the principal asked us to change the name of the company,” he said.