Political society

St Mary’s will host a series of book launches on politics and society

St Mary’s University, Twickenham is pleased to announce the Politics and Society Book Launch Series which will comprise four events in February and March 2022.

The first event of the series, the 2n/a of February, will celebrate the release of Christianity and Confucianism: culture, faith and politics (ix, 635pp; Bloomsbury, 2021), by Visiting Professor Christopher Hancock (Director of Oxford House Research, Ltd). The book is a historical and textual analysis of the cultural, political and religious interaction between China and the West. Written for the general practitioner and the specialist, the book tells an extraordinary story of mutual formation and cultural indebtedness over more than 2000 years. At a time of intense East-West tension. Professor Hancock’s book is an eirenic study of how China and the West have shaped each other’s minds, hearts, cultures, philosophies and politics more than they care to admit.

Respondent: Lord Stephen Green of Hurstpierpoint, former Conservative Minister of State for Trade and Investment and Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc, who is also an Anglican priest.

The second event of the series on the 16and of March will mark the release land abandoned to the sea by senior lecturer Stuart Oliver. The book explores the significant changes affecting the contemporary coast due to climate change and sea level rise. It explores the social, cultural and political contexts of the process of managed ‘coastal realignment’, the strategic abandonment of coast as a means of coping with these changes.

The 23rd of March will see the launch of Browse for freethe saga of Kari the Icelandic by Associate Lecturers in European Studies Gabriel Stein and John Nugée. The book explores, through the format of a novel set in 11th-century Iceland, timeless issues such as the rule of law, equality before the law, liberty, and freedom of religion.

The last event of the 30and of March will mark the launch of Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, the book by Dr Andrea Sau A Marxist theory of ideology. The book explores the question of the definition of ideology from a Marxist perspective. A systematic articulation of a theory of ideology that combines the works of Karl Marx and Antonio Gramsci, as well as adding elements from the social theory of Pierre Bourdieu and the psychology of William James, this volume will please scholars of social and political theory with interests in political economy and Marxist thought.

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Dr Andrea Sau, said: ‘Come and join us in celebrating the work of our esteemed staff at St Mary’s University.

All events will be held in person at St Mary’s in the Elders Common Room, 6-8:30 p.m. To book, visit the University website.