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Popular Force slams US Embassy for defending election monitoring, hints at ‘revolutionary scenario’

Popular Force, a newly launched grassroots movement made up of former MPs from the ruling Georgian Dream party who quit the team in June, issued a statement on Monday saying that by standing up for the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, a Georgia-based election watchdog, the U.S. Embassy supported a return to power of the opposition United National Movement party through “revolution” and the opening of a “second front” of the Ukrainian war in courses in Georgia.

The deputies’ statement was made in response to remarks by the embassy on Friday that “the exclusion of ISFED, one of Georgia’s most trusted and experienced election observation organizations, from the task force Parliament on Electoral Reforms directly contradicts the recommendation of the European Commission that Georgia guarantees the involvement of civil society in decision-making processes at all levels”.

The diplomatic office was referring to the exclusion of the organization of work in the Georgian Parliament on the conditions set by the European Commission to grant the country the status of candidate for membership.

In their response, MPs making up the movement said the embassy’s comments meant it was ‘telling the ruling Georgian Dream party directly that a revolution must take place and the opposition United National Movement party must return in power to open a second front in the midst of the war in Ukraine.”

Unfortunately, Georgian Dream has forgiven ISFED for falsifying the parallel vote tabulation results and implicated [the organisation] in a number of work processes after the [2020] Legislative elections,” the statement read, referring to the watchdog’s erroneous counting of votes during the elections, later explained by the organization as technical issues.

“It was clear that by demanding a response to the falsified compilation of parallel votes, the government would come into conflict not with one of the NGOs, but with the [US] Embassy, ​​which the Georgian Dream party shunned for obvious reasons,” the Public Force statement read.

However, from today’s perspective, it has become clear that compromise at the expense of truth is never justified. Instead of expressing gratitude for the government’s position, the US Embassy today calls ISFED one of the most trusted non-governmental organizations,” the former GD MPs noted.

The critic also pointed out that the embassy had “no other choice” because ISFED, along with several NGOs, was directly involved in the “revolutionary scenario” in the country, the implementation of which was “coordinated”. by the embassy.

If the government gives in and includes ISFED in the working process [on the EU membership conditions]it will be a direct surrender to the Embassy and the United National Movement, and we will do everything to prevent that from happening,” the statement concluded.

Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili said on Sunday that ISFED had “refused to distance itself” from the opposition’s demand for a technical government involving the formation of the opposition in the country, adding that the refusal served as a basis for not inviting the organization to parliamentary work. group on electoral issues.

“ISFED should tell the public if it will withdraw the ultimatum to have a say in the formation of the government; if they withdraw the ultimatum, then they can participate in the working group,” Papuashvili said.