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Political rights / Barriers to disability and elections –


By Binta Jaiteh

Magistrate Muhammad Krubally revealed that people with disabilities face many challenges which he says are ignored, but wants to eradicate such discrimination.

Magistrate Krubally, president of the Gambia Federation for Disable, said so in his presentation which focused on political rights and the barriers people with disabilities face in elections.

Since it depends on the election, he first referred to the Supreme National Documents Act of The Gambia in section (33) which deals with protection against discrimination.

He said this protection against discrimination applies to council in general, that even people with disabilities are considered the most vulnerable and should not be discriminated against during the election period.

Apart from this article (39) of the constitution of The Gambia which enjoins people with disabilities like any other person, he said, the right to vote and to be registered. He further revealed that people with disabilities as long as they reach the age of maturity, i.e. universal adult suffrage, have the right to vote and be elected.

“If we turn 18, we should no longer be discriminated against, so we also have the rights, in a wider competition we should have the right to assess the candidacy for the post of highest-ranking president,” added the magistrate Krubally.

In addition, “we have the right to stand for election to the National Assembly, elections for councilors, for the mayor, for the post of president, among others,” he said.

However, in his opinion, he said it was about conceptualizing issues that people who are wise and knowledgeable should not actually use their disabilities as characteristics that they will use to find them. . This should not conceptualize the fact that despite their disabilities, that does not prevent their success from saying “we believe that we should have the same right as anyone to run for office in the election”.

Political parties that exist in realizing these absolute rights of persons with disabilities should ensure that they encourage them to join their political parties and give them again the opportunity to participate in public activities and political affiliation. .

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