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One South Africa Movement launches campaign to find top independent candidates for upcoming elections

A leader of the SA Mmusi Maimane movement.

  • One South Africa Movement has launched a campaign asking South Africans to choose the 100 better independent candidates in the next elections.
  • The elections will take place in 2024.
  • Following a ruling by the Constitutional Court, independent candidates will be able to stand for election as members of the National Assembly.

Chez Mmusi Maimane One South Africa Movement (OSA) has launched a campaign asking South Africans to choose the top 100 independent candidates for parliament in the 2024 national elections.

The OSA said Saturday marked the second anniversary of the Constitutional Court ruling which ruled that the next national and provincial elections in 2024 should be held under a new electoral system.

The new system allows independent candidates to stand for election as members of the National Assembly and respective provincial legislatures.

“This is the surest way for the people of South Africa – for the first time in democratic history – to choose the best 400 people for Parliament and to have a government that works to serve the people,” he said. declared OSA.

As a result, the movement launched a campaign asking South Africans to choose the best candidates for the next Parliament.

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He said, “There are so many great South Africans qualified to lead South Africa who just won’t because they don’t want to join a political party. In 2024, that changes.

“We ask the people of South Africa to choose which good, honest, capable and competent South Africans deserve to be in Parliament before career politicians.

“We want to know who South Africans would seriously consider voting for if they raised their hands.

“Citizens can access the platform and choose who they want to represent you in Parliament through a voting system.”

OSA and civil society will travel across the country to seek out South Africans willing to stand as independent candidates in the next general election.

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“South Africans are tired of political parties choosing candidates who are not only unqualified to lead us, but who simply do not have South Africa’s best interests at heart.

“The platform allows South Africans who are fed up with our broken political system to choose their own leaders whom they would like to see in parliament after the next election.”

The movement said that for the first time in South Africa’s democratic history, these independent candidates will not have to submit to political parties, giving more power to the people and more flexibility to serve without channels and drama belonging to a political party. to party.

“Until we change our electoral system – the way we elect people to government – our nation will always be ransomed by the ruling faction of any political party.

“The status quo is broken. The time has come for an entirely new voting system that upholds the sanctity of the ballot box and honors the dignity, worth and equality of every voter,” he said.

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