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India must kneel to Kashmir freedom movement: lawmaker

MULTAN, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – August 2, 2022): National Assembly Member Ahmad Hussain Dehr said India must kneel before the unrelenting struggle of the indigenous people of Kashmir to give it freedom.

Speaking to APP, he said the world has now recognized that this is an indigenous youth-led movement that has grown stronger over time.

He told of the Indian government’s misguided efforts to change the demographic composition of the state and the rights of minority communities in India.

He pointed out that India was desperately trying to divert the attention of the world community from this bloody reality of Kashmir. Following this, he escalated cross-border fire along the Line of Control and posed as a major “victim” of cross-border terrorism from Pakistan.

He said there had been debates in the parliaments of many countries and in civil society in Europe and North America which had mobilized public support to force India to stop the bloodshed in Kashmir. .

In this tightrope game, he said, the Indian narrative was totally rejected.

“It is now widely recognized that Pakistan itself is a far greater victim of terrorism, including that sponsored by India.