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Civil rights group dubbed extremist protests in Delhi, calls for judicial inquiry

By our representative
Even as the Assam government appointed the Popular Front of India (PFI) to be “involved” in the recent violence during an eviction campaign in the state’s Darrang district, the minister in Leader Himanta Biswa Sarma calling the group “extremist”, the PFI staged a demonstration in Jantar Mantar in Delhi against “the police atrocities in Assam against powerless protesters in the inhuman expulsion campaign”.
In a statement following the protest, PFI said: “This can be seen in footage released by Assam in recent days: Police are seen opening fire without any warning on thousands of people, including women and children. A man who found himself trapped between police officers was brutally lynched as even media joined in the brutality. Reports suggest that the actual number of casualties could be much higher. One of the three killed appears to be a minor.
PFI added: “In recent days, the Assam authorities have evicted around 4,500 poor and helpless people from their homes without presenting a rehabilitation plan, accusing them of unlawful encroachment. It was while the case filed against the government’s decision was still in court that around 800 families were thrown onto the streets in heavy rains and their homes were destroyed.
According to PFI, “this campaign of eviction is quite inhuman”, requiring “the intervention of the justice system to put an immediate end to the eviction” and ensuring “the rehabilitation of people who have already been evicted from their homes”. He added: “Measures must be taken to adequately compensate the victims of police shootings. “
Meanwhile, in a separate statement, another group, the Campus Front of India, rejecting the allegations of the Chief Minister of Assam, said it was “a heinous measure to cover up the face. BJP government terrorist that occurred during the unethical eviction ”.

He added: “The police killed two innocent people under cover of deportation is clearly an indiscretion. When the issue is widely criticized and people start to fuss, the government looks for ways to relinquish responsibility for the crime in cold blood.