Political rights

China protects civil and political rights with law and governance (white paper)


China has taken vigorous measures to protect civil and political rights with law and governance in the process of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, according to a white paper on Thursday.

Entitled “Moderate prosperity in all respects: Another milestone for human rights in China,” the white paper was released by the Information Office of the State Council.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government have pursued a people-centered development philosophy and adopted vigorous and practical measures to develop popular democracy as a whole, uphold social fairness and justice, and ensure by law that people enjoy broader rights and freedoms, says the white paper.

China guarantees the main status of the people and extends the democratic rights of the people, noted the white paper, adding that the country does so by implementing orderly democratic electoral processes, steadily advancing socialist consultative democracy, improving the autonomy at the community level and protecting the rights to know, participate, express opinions and monitor the exercise of power.

On the protection of personal rights, the white paper highlighted China’s efforts to respect and protect personal freedom, facilitate the movement of people, secure personal information and privacy by law, and protect the rights and legitimate interests of people. detainees and prisoners.

The country also attaches great importance to the protection of individual property rights and improves it with equity as a basic principle. It provided a legal guarantee for the optimization of the business environment and strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, notes the white paper.

China has also strengthened the judicial guarantee of human rights by steadily advancing judicial reform, improving the protection of judicial personnel in the performance of their duties, as well as preventing and remedying miscarriages of justice, according to the report. the white paper.

In addition, China has also strengthened the protection of the rights of practicing lawyers, increased transparency in the administration of justice, and improved the legal aid system.

The country has also taken concrete steps to protect freedom of religious belief, the white paper says.