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British Ambassador to Yemen: Participation of civil society organizations in peace consultations will have positive results [EN/AR] – Yemen

“The truce in Yemen is a golden opportunity and the parties to the conflict must implement their conditions to prepare for a comprehensive and lasting peace,” British Ambassador to Yemen Richard Oppenheim said.

In a discussion session on Thursday, organized by the Tamdeen Youth Foundation with the participation of the UK Embassy in Yemen on (Britain’s vision for peace in Yemen and the role of civil society in building lasting peace), and to which representatives of more than 100 Yemeni NGOs, as well as civil society activists and a group of journalists, Oppenheim highlighted the continued work alongside the United States of America and the United Nations and its special envoy to make progress towards peace in Yemen, and pressure on the parties to the conflict to make the truce a success.

“We continue to work with the United Nations Office to resolve the dispute between the Presidential Council and the Houthis over passports. We are also focusing on opening roads in Taiz and other governorates to alleviate the suffering of the civilians and allow them to have their right to move”. As access to Taiz takes 10 hours and civilians find it difficult to climb the mountain roads and are in danger, after it took less than five minutes to reach these roads, the blockade of Taiz is unacceptable.

The British Ambassador also praised the role of Yemeni NGOs in the humanitarian response, providing basic services and supporting social cohesion in local communities.

“The engagement of civil society organizations in the peace consultations in Yemen will have positive results. The UN envoy has a strong and good idea to engage CSOs in the upcoming consultations and will start next month discussing with them and preparing their vision of peace in Yemen.

He expressed satisfaction with the economic recovery initiative of the Tamdeen Youth Foundation and said that restoring services and improving the economic situation is the right way to build peace.

Ambassador Oppenheim hailed the role of Yemeni women saying, “Women are better than men and we are committed to a political settlement and peace in Yemen.

He also urged the parties to the conflict in Yemen to continue to enter into agreements on the exchange of prisoners and to respect the principles of human rights and international instruments.

He revealed that the British government has prepared a new draft resolution in place of UN resolution 2216 and that the Security Council will be ready to publish it when there is a political settlement between the parties in Yemen.

Mr. Hussein Al Suhaily, President of Tamdeen Youth Foundation, welcomed His Excellency British Ambassador Richard Oppenheim. He stressed the need for Yemen to have a greater role from the British government in the current phase of maintaining the truce, implementing its provisions, pressuring all parties to make it a comprehensive and lasting peace agreement, the launch of a new phase to end the war and have a fresh start worthy of a homeland for all Yemenis.

He stressed the need to involve civil society organizations in peace consultations and promote their role in social cohesion, conflict resolution, development and reconstruction.

Al Suhaily also called for the inclusion of the economic dossier as a priority alongside the political dossier, the consolidation of Yemen’s monetary and financial policies and support for the initiative of civil society organizations to optimize humanitarian response mechanisms. in Yemen and link aid to peace, development and economic recovery.

During the two-hour discussion session, participants agreed that working with civil society organizations, involving them in Track 1 negotiations and enabling them to play a greater role in public life and decision-making. decision will change the course of the crisis in Yemen. , thus leading to a comprehensive and lasting peace.